The software to work consistently and at scale with startups and partners

Startup Flow enables corporations to have a 360-degree visibility of the increasing number of open innovation initiatives, interactions, and opportunities. The platform allows firms to orchestrate the right data, the right processes, and the right people in business relationships.

A tailored solution to map, manage, and monitor your innovation portfolio

  • Startups

    Map your startup ecosystem, manage business relationships, and centralize incoming applications.
  • Projects

    Monitor your projects, involve the right people, and make informed decisions.
  • Ecosystem partners

    Reference your innovative partners, share business information, quantify and qualify your ecosystem.
  • Corporate venture

    Manage your investment portfolio, sync with your venture partners and funds, and align with your operations.
  • Analytics

    Track your innovation portfolio, the evolution of your processes, and gauge user impact.

A secure Enterprise-Ready SaaS platform

Startup Flow's architecture is flexible, secure and easy-to-connect while meeting the most demanding B2B enterprise software standards.

Startup Flow is the product to professionalize, diffuse, and deploy your innovation strategy.

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